HPT is designed as a hardcore extreme fitness regimen that will not only enhance mind, body and spirit but provide you with the most unique, exciting and motivating experience. No other Des Moines fitness program can match Lasko Fitness HPT philosophy or energy. HPT is designed for all fitness levels and provides intense training sessions that are hard, demanding, and fun! Our trainers and our clients share the same passion; to work hard, be challenged and attain maximum levels of fitness.

HPT’s unique are held in both indoor and outdoor settings, which allow us to be creative in our workout approach. Most of the year we’re outside, taking full advantage of the energy and diversity that our community has to offer-generating truly inspired workouts. Our clients are like-minded individuals who have similar desires and dreams. And combined with the dedicated attentions and support of our trainers, this atmosphere cultivates the experience- you will feel like you’re a part of a team and become bonded as a close-knit group.

This team-like approach, and support you’ll receive, will encourage you to push yourself to maximum fitness. “Clients love the program because they actually feel like they are a part of a family,” says Karlyn Laszkiewicz, Lasko Fitness owner. “The training goes well beyond the class time with regular phone conversations between the trainer and clients, educational emails, social networking, social and fitness events, and a lot more,” continues Laszkiewicz.

Boot camp sessions last one hour and no training day is ever the same. We never want you to be bored-we modify each workout to prevent repeat routines therefore maximizing your workout results and recovery. We mix intense cardio, strength conditioning, core, sports conditioning, yoga, and every type of fitness to create some of the best workouts on the planet! So, whether you’re doing jumping jacks and push ups on the Waterfront, sit-ups and core training on the skate park, or sprinting and agility drills on the sidewalks of Walker Johnston Park, you can expect one thing: to sweat and have fun!

Our clients are consistently seeing results. Visual improvements include weight loss, decrease in size, increase in strength and body fat loss, and overall, our clients are feeling the best they’ve ever felt no matter what body type.

“It is the best class I’ve ever taken. Karlyn is great and keeps all of us motivated to work hard and I look forward to coming back to continue to see results,” says one client. “I’ve never taken a class where I push myself beyond where I ever though I could go, and I actually enjoy doing it, thanks to the positive feedback from Karlyn and the great group we work out with.”

Individuals who exercise regularly are happier, healthier and living longer. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and increase energy and stamina. Studies also show that exercise helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer. Our goal is to help you develop the habit of daily rigorous exercise, so that you can benefit from these physical and mental rewards.

With expert training staff to support you, pre-existing injuries won’t stop you from meeting your goals. Our trainers use a variety of modifications, stressing proper form and technique, in order to work with all levels of fitness, skill or physical limitations.

Best of all, we treat our clients like they’re our only clients. We make you feel special…because you are special! We believe that there is truly no limit to how fit you can become. We’re dedicated to stick with you, push you and take you all the way to your peak fitness goals, and beyond.

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