Groupon 2 Month Trial

We are so confident that you’ll love your results from our High Performance Training program that we are offering 2 Full Months of Unlimited Boot Camp for $40 with our current Groupon Deal! What other fitness program in the area or country can say that?

Here is how you get started:

!) Purchase the Groupon introductory deal for 1 or 2 months via the Groupon website. Teenagers from ages 13 to 17 can be given a voucher as a gift, and must be accompanied by an adult (parent or gaurdian) at all times who is actually in the class with the teenager during the trial.

2) Email Karlyn Laszkiewicz at to confirm your desired start date. Be sure to mention your desired start date. Be sure to mention your Groupon deal, specific length of time for 1 or 2 months, full name as listed on your state issued ID, and the 8 digit voucher code that is listed under the bar code on the Groupon voucher (click on My Groupons to access the voucher). Include all emails and full names if responding for a group.

Once we recieve your email with all of the above information we will then send you an email with a confirmed start date within 48 business hours. We require up to 48 business hours to confirm your enrollment and trial due to the high volume of daily emails to our members and guest, so we appreciate your patience. We do not allow walk-ins without prior written confirmation from our main office, so please follow the steps above and below to get started.

Please check your Promotions or Spam folder if you do not see an email from Lasko Fitness in your inbox within 48 business hours. Also, it is best to use your personal email instead of your work email to prevent our emails from being blocked.

3) Complete our 2 page guest form to bring with you to boot camp. New participants must bring their completed guest forms and state issued ID to class on their first day to be able to participate in class. Please use your full name full name as listed on your ID when completed guest forms. Please not that you must attend your primary class, first, to turn in your forms before you can visit any of the other classes. For teenagers, the parent/guardian member or trial guest must print and sign their name at the bottom of the teen’s guest forms.

You will need to bring: 

  1. Water
  2. Running Shoes: It is important to have the proper support you feel to prevent injury, so please visit a specialty running shoe store as soon as possible.
  3. Mats are optional. Some classes use mats and many do not. You can bring the mat, but you will not be able to use it at all times if the class is moving around the area away from the mats or if they are in the way of the workout setup.
  4. Dumbbells (set of 10 to 50 lbs each to start depending on your strength). The goal is to get stronger and not to do every rep, so please bring a weight that will really challenge you to complete 12 to 15 reps (ie: Overhead Shoulder Presses). You can not get stronger with a small light weights. Honestly, 10 lb dumbbells are really small, but we will allow that at the very minimum for beginner fitness levels. Please do not bring anything smaller, and we will access if you need something heavier based on your ability. 
  5. Please Dress in layers to be prepared for indoor or outdoor training. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to class to ensure that you are able to warm-up properly before the workout.


*Lasko Fitness restrictions: This promotional Groupon deal is for first-time participants of Lasko Fitness only, and is not available for Lasko Fitness members and previous guests (past, present, or promo) who have already received an intial promo trial (free trials, Groupon, etc….). The deal can not be combined, swithced, or exchanged with other offers. The 1 or 2 month membership will run consecutively, and will be confirmed via email. Once confirmed via the email the 1 or 2 month period can not be rescheduled or extended. We can only offer one opportunity for a free trail.

We can stand by our mission- to provide the highest quality, most effective high-intensity training program and to push people to the peak fitness desires- and to have fun.

So, enjoy your experience and we look forward to working with you